Thanks to everyone that contributed to the show tonight , there was certainly no shortage of amazing tunes. 🤩 Special thanks to Jamie Jamal for a scorching Homebrew session 🔥 Now please, as I know you always do, go and show these artists some ❤️ by buying or streaming their music. Links below 👇 Cheers, Kev.

JAMIE JAMAL / FLUX / THIS HUMAN CONDITION – https://jamiejamal.bandcamp.com/
HARDWIRED – https://hardwired2001.bandcamp.com/album/axiom
VALENTICH – https://valentichofficial.bandcamp.com/
KIFFIE – https://kiffie.bandcamp.com/
PRIEST OF BEARDS – https://priestofbeards.bandcamp.com/music
DAVID A LARSEN – https://soundcloud.com/david_a_larsen
NEGATIVE RESPONSE – https://negativeresponse3.bandcamp.com/
DEBRIS DISCS FEATURING POLYHYMNS – https://debrisdiscs.bandcamp.com/track/caravan-feat-polyhymns
SAINT MARTYN – https://latexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/smile
MACHINA X & NATURE OF WIRES – https://natureofwires.bandcamp.com/track/within
CONCRETISM – https://concretism-cis.bandcamp.com/album/teliffusion
AUTUMNA – https://autumna.bandcamp.com/album/mmxxi
LEMONADE KID – https://lemonadekid.bandcamp.com/album/euro2020

Charity Fundraising DJ Sets.

Thanks to those that watched my Homebrew Electronica DJ sets .Sorry they either got muted or removed due to copyright issues. The 2nd set has now been reposted up on YouTube and should now be problem free after the ‘offending’ track was edited out. Cheers.

Track list –
Lemonade Kid – When Will We See The Sunshine
Linus Fitness Centre – Familiar Results
Martin Christie – Evaporation Day (Werra Foxma Remix)
Damounta – Meditative State
Rupture//Rapture – Parallels
Guerrica – Summer People
Loopingstar – Summer Kicks
Flux – Handbag Punk
Electron Odyssey – Computers Control
Teknomakrus – The Man
Lonerist – Vulpecula
Tegan Northwood – Who You Are , Who You Could Be (Werra Foxma Remix)
Depth Buffer – Turn It

Thanks , love & respect to all these amazing artists 👆

Special thanks to everyone that donated – we raised over £300 for our chosen charities !


Had a blast playing a handful of my favourite tunes from the first year and a half of hosting the show. As Facebook isn’t very musician friendly , the next DJ set will be broadcast as a YouTube premier on the Loopingstar Music channel. Thank you to everyone that donated so far – we’ve now reached our target and raised a fantastic £250 to split between the four chosen charities. Setlist below 👇


Massive show last night to launch the Big Tunes Festival , raising money for good causes and bringing out the bangers ! 🤩 Smokin’ hot sessions from both Amongst The Pigeons & Shelter Calm 🔥 were the icing on an already very sweet cake ! Much love ❤️ and respect to all the artists that contributed music to the show. Now please go visit their sites and buy / download / stream some top tier tunes ….. find all the links you need below 👇

AMONGST THE PIGEONS – https://amongstthepigeons.bandcamp.com/
SHELTER CALM – https://sheltercalm.bandcamp.com/
DOHNAVUR – https://dohnavur-cis.bandcamp.com/
M-ORCHESTRA – https://m-orchestra.bandcamp.com/album/the-grim-circus
NIGHTBROGUE – https://nightbrogue.bandcamp.com/
WARRANTY VOID – https://shaftrecords.bandcamp.com/album/warranty-void
ANPL – https://anpl.bandcamp.com/
LINES OF FLIGHT – https://lines-of-flight.bandcamp.com/
OH BABY – https://burningwitchesrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hey-genius
TOBISONICS & WEE SCOTS POET – https://tobisonics.bandcamp.com/track/all-the-little-things-w-wee-scots-poet
SURVEY CHANNEL – https://surveychannel.bandcamp.com/album/silent-graphs
LATESMOKE – https://soundcloud.com/late-smoke/resentment
DEPTH BUFFER – https://depthbuffer.bandcamp.com/
ELECTRON ODYSSEY FEAT MEGAN MCDUFFEE – https://electronodyssey.bandcamp.com/track/autumn-words-feat-megan-mcduffee
P.G.WARREN – https://pgwarren.bandcamp.com/
SINGULAR – https://uksingular.bandcamp.com/releases
COBBLER & VOLTAGE POETRY PROJECT – https://cobbler.bandcamp.com/album/note-to-self


Massive thanks to Megapheadphoneboy for his fun and enjoyable Homebrew Session – who knew telephones could sound so good ! 😁 – and big love & respect to all the artists that contributed to another fine festival of Electronica . Please support the independent electronic music scene – go and buy, download & stream some new tunes today 👍 …… all the links you need below 👇

AMONGST THE PIGEONS – https://amongstthepigeons.bandcamp.com/
PRIEST OF BEARDS – https://priestofbeards.bandcamp.com/
EONLAKE – https://eonlake.bandcamp.com/
FLUX – https://fluxmusic.bandcamp.com/
PULSE LAB & TRUTH SCAN – https://soundcloud.com/truthscan/filter-bubble
TRUTHSCAN – https://soundcloud.com/truthscan/uvb-76
ODDBOT – https://oddbot.bandcamp.com/track/atoms
HEAD CLEANER – https://headcleaneruk.bandcamp.com/releases
VERY BRAVE MEN – https://open.spotify.com/track/0TmuhMH7AiNc8PwZWLcMjF?si=Yib_DHTmTO6OeA55UouTTw
HOOK – https://open.spotify.com/track/4TVee6zLPV7xONnszsE7jn?si=DfH14fKAT7KOlM87cIqL7Q
FOUND OBJECT – https://foundobject1.bandcamp.com/
BROKEN ORCHESTRA FEAT JOE HAKIM – https://thebrokenorchestra.bandcamp.com/
MEGAHEADPHONE BOY – https://megaheadphoneboy.bandcamp.com/
UNCLE KID – https://unclekid.bandcamp.com/
JONNY FALLOUT – https://jonnyfallout.bandcamp.com/
THE SUBTHEORY – https://thesubtheory.bandcamp.com/
ELECTRON ODYSSEY – https://electronodyssey.bandcamp.com/
LOOPINGSTAR – https://loopingstar.bandcamp.com


🤩 Wow what a spectacular 30th episode ! Banger after banger, and the Krapka;KOMA session and first play of the new Dohnavur tune certainly went down a storm 😁 Thanks to all the artists that contributed to the show . Please support Indie Electronica…….. download links to the music below.

KRAPKA ; KOMA https://krapkakomamusic.bandcamp.com/music
MONAURAL MACHINE – https://monauralmachine.bandcamp.com/
I THINK IT’S ALL OK – https://ithinkitsallok.bandcamp.com/releases
STRANGE DUSK / AI ACCIDENT – https://open.spotify.com/track/411AZGxYTZ3OBUWajjLvIM?si=jM_PiBirT5OX87JObJcnsg @AiAccident
DARWINMCD & MARK BEBB – https://darwinmcd.bandcamp.com/album/mirroring
APRIL 33 – https://april33.bandcamp.com/track/judy-alvarez
LOOPATRONICA – Late Moods Project Part 4 https://soundcloud.com/user-112664570/late-moods-project-pt-4
DICKENSIAN – https://soundcloud.com/richard-pryor-22971459/lockdown
ELECTRON ODYSSEY – https://electronodyssey.bandcamp.com/track/computers-control
VIOLET MIST – https://violetmistmusic.bandcamp.com/track/lost-in-neotokyo
LINES OF FLIGHT – https://lines-of-flight.bandcamp.com/track/moth-eaten-heart
DIVINE FORAY – https://divineforay.bandcamp.com/track/anything
IN YOUR DREAMS – https://open.spotify.com/track/1GEg491WsN6vAxTygnykYg?si=06jNxgO-THy7f1vI6RQ6XA
PRIMAUDIA RECORD FEAT MECHANICAL FLESH – https://primaudiarecord.bandcamp.com/album/tyrannus-machina-ft-mechanical-flesh
JAMES BRITT – https://jamesbritt.bandcamp.com/track/information @jamesbritt
CYNTHIAS PERISCOPE FEAT. JAMIE JAMAL – https://cynthiasperiscope.bandcamp.com/
SHELTER CALM – https://sheltercalm.bandcamp.com/album/new-toys
4TH EDEN – https://4th-eden.bandcamp.com/album/metamorphosis
DOHNAVUR – https://www.normanrecords.com/artist/51352-dohnav-r
DEBRIS DISCS FEAT TEST CARD GIRL – https://debrisdiscs.bandcamp.com/
LEMONADE KID – https://lemonadekid.bandcamp.com/album/life-is-better-with-ducks


A gargantuan collection of fine Indie Electronica indeed ! 😁 Massive thanks to Will from Bloom’s Taxonomy for a stunning Homebrew Session, and to all the artists featured for supplying such awesome tunes ! 🤩🎶 Now you know what to do – show the ❤️ and buy / download / stream some great music from the links below 👇 Cheers , Kev.

BLOOM’S TAXONOMY – https://bloomstaxonomy.bandcamp.com/
TEKNOMAKRUS – https://teknomakrus.bandcamp.com/
NIGHTBROUGE – https://nightbrogue.bandcamp.com/
GO MERCY – https://gomercy.bandcamp.com/releases
REZZONATOR – https://rezzonator.bandcamp.com/music
LOOPATRONICA – https://soundcloud.com/user-112664570/noodles-project-pt-4-extended-mix
HARDWIRED – https://hardwired2001.bandcamp.com/
DEPTH BUFFER – https://depthbuffer.bandcamp.com/
JAMTOMORROW – https://jamtomorrow1.bandcamp.com/track/pirate-queen-2
TRUTH SCAN – https://soundcloud.com/truthscan
FAMISHED FOR BLONDS – https://famishedforblonds.bandcamp.com/
AUTUMNA – https://autumna.bandcamp.com/
KILLAHVOLT KOP – https://killahvoltkop.bandcamp.com/
PULSE LAB – https://open.spotify.com/track/601EthRv7WKfLNWByV4K1W?si=vrx-ELviSPyyi2fCw0GjnQ
LOOPINGSTAR – https://loopingstar.bandcamp.com/music
AMONGST THE PIGEONS FEAT OLLIE BARRON – https://amongstthepigeons.bandcamp.com/track/colour-blind-single
APPLE MAX – https://youmightnotlikethis.bandcamp.com/track/phone-stepper
ADNAMA – https://open.spotify.com/track/15W4EHhcfl3iClls8SVgft?si=F4mTXOJGQMSwnBRLHTGA-w


A real celebration of Indie Electronica ! Big thanks to Cobbler for his amazing mixtape. Some fantastic artists on the show this evening , so please show them some ❤️ and go explore more of their music . All the links you need 👇

COBBLER – https://cobbler.bandcamp.com/
4TH EDEN – https://4th-eden.bandcamp.com/
LEMONADE KID – https://lemonadekid.bandcamp.com/
NIGHT PASSENGER & THE PANDA – https://thenightpassenger.bandcamp.com/
PARITY BIT – https://soundcloud.com/parity_bit/jandraligeli
FANCY NORMAL – https://fancynormal.bandcamp.com/releases
KARMELEON – https://soundcloud.com/user-286118573
RUPTURE // RAPTURE & JONATHAN R CROSS – https://rupturerapture.bandcamp.com/
VOLTAGE POETRY PROJECT – https://voltagepoetryproject.bandcamp.com/
ADAM HARDYMAN – https://adamhardyman.bandcamp.com/releases
LIEFENDETH – https://leifendeth.bandcamp.com/
TECHNOKRAT – https://technokrat.bandcamp.com/
MONAURAL MACHINE – https://monauralmachine.bandcamp.com/
SHELTER CALM – https://sheltercalm.bandcamp.com/releases
LINES OF FLIGHT – https://lines-of-flight.bandcamp.com/releases


Great mix of music as usual …… an amazing Bloom’s Taxonomy album , a sneak preview of the new m-orchestra ep , Dohnavur remixing Electronica legend Richard Norris plus a shed load more top tier tunes . Loved playing them all 🤩 If you liked what you heard , go and buy / download / stream a few tunes and show all the amazing artists some ❤️ All the links you need below 👇

BLOOM’S TAXONOMY – https://bloomstaxonomy.bandcamp.com/
NATHAN HART – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5yM2IGtB5EL4teiIsF9Ot4?si=3cSrQZ3iS82gR2QLTxnXEA
ERNIE feat JUMPER BOY – https://erniemusic17.bandcamp.com/track/cycles-ft-jumper-boy
REI NAKATANI – https://reinakatani.bandcamp.com/releases
NIGHTBROUGE – https://nightbrogue.bandcamp.com/
NUMBER STATIONS – https://number-stations.bandcamp.com/
RICHARD NORRIS / DOHNAVUR – https://richardnorris.bandcamp.com/album/water-the-remixes
COBBLER feat. SOPHIA BLACKWELL – https://cobbler.bandcamp.com/track/london-prayer-feat-sophia-blackwell
STEVE HADFIELD – https://stevehadfield.bandcamp.com/album/the-silly-baby-lp
SI FARRIER – https://sifarrier.bandcamp.com/
MYTHS & MONSTERS – https://mythsandmonsters.bandcamp.com/releases
M-ORCHESTRA – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ReCdnvGvQfCyJkrJizFBe?si=0B64SO7VQw2zMIsl167Jsw
GIANNI BARBA – https://giannibarba.bandcamp.com/
CHILL (STEP DnB) – https://stepdnb.bandcamp.com/
CHOLLY – https://cholly.bandcamp.com/
TAYUS – https://tayus.bandcamp.com/
JEREMY BRETT – https://youtu.be/cOG7JVh4z7o


Boom ! The first show of 2021 , back with a bang. Featuring a great Homebrew Sessions set from Found Object , and a stack of top Electronica to get us underway . Thanks as always to all the artists that contributed ……..find the links to their music bellow.

FOUND OBJECT – https://foundobject1.bandcamp.com/
REPULSE THE MONKEY – https://repulsethemonkey.bandcamp.com/
GIANNI BARBA – https://giannibarba.bandcamp.com/
RUPTURE // RAPTURE – https://rupturerapture.bandcamp.com/
LONERIST – https://soundcloud.com/thelonerist
MHO – https://soundcloud.com/mhouk
JAMIE JAMAL – https://jamiejamal.bandcamp.com/releases
COBBLER – https://cobbler.bandcamp.com/releases
MIDNIGHT HI-FI – https://midnighthifi.bandcamp.com/
AMONGST THE PIGEONS – https://amongstthepigeons.bandcamp.com/
TOBISONICS – https://tobisonics.bandcamp.com/
THE SUBTHEORY – https://thesubtheory.bandcamp.com/
HOSS STYLE – https://soundcloud.com/hossstylemusic
CE CE X – https://soundcloud.com/user-793349132
OOBERFUSE – https://ooberfuse.bandcamp.com/
MUNATIX – https://munatix.bandcamp.com/
LETTERS FROM MOUSE – https://lettersfrommouse.bandcamp.com/
KRAPKA;KOMA – https://krapkakomamusic.bandcamp.com/music
OLLY PITCHER – https://ollypitcher.bandcamp.com/releases