Wow 🤩 Celebrated 40 episodes in style ! Thanks so much to Lines Of Flight for a fantastic session , and to every artist that got involved , making it a really special show tonight. You’ll find all the artist links below 👇 . You know what to do ….. buy a download or three and support indie Electronica. ❤️ Cheers , Kev.

LINES OF FLIGHT – https://lines-of-flight.bandcamp.com/
PRIEST OF BEARDS – https://priestofbeards.bandcamp.com/album/finery-is-foolery
GRANDBLASTER – https://grandblaster.bandcamp.com/
JONNY FALLOUT – https://jonnyfallout.bandcamp.com/
CAROLE POPE – https://carolepope.bandcamp.com/
ANPL – https://anpl.bandcamp.com/
PULSE LAB – https://soundcloud.com/pulselabbeats
LOOPATRONICA – https://loopatronica.bandcamp.com/
MARI DANGERFIELD – https://maridangerfield.bandcamp.com/
SI MURPHY – https://soundcloud.com/si-murphy-383356249
PRESTON OUTATIME – https://prestonoutatime.bandcamp.com/
ASBESTOS FARMER – https://asbestosfarmer.bandcamp.com/
MARTIN CHRISTIE – https://martinchristie.bandcamp.com/
FOUND OBJECT – https://foundobject1.bandcamp.com/
NITEWORKS – https://niteworksband.bandcamp.com/
MODREAKTOR – https://modreaktor.bandcamp.com/
CHOLLY – https://cholly.bandcamp.com/
THE ZOOMERS – https://the-zoomers.bandcamp.com/
SYNTHOTHERAPY – https://synthotherapy.bandcamp.com/releases
ANALOGUE ELECTRIC WHATEVER – https://analogueelectronicwhatever.bandcamp.com/
DANIEL MACPHEE – https://open.spotify.com/artist/2ndfmL5WnsGCz58UZ6UZLj?si=S3gTfrhfRsG90cU_nsPu3A


Really enjoyed this one 😁 Plenty of cracking tunes , a stomper of a Homebrew Session from Jonathan, and great to see the EMOM album finally materialise. I know a lot of people have been waiting very patiently for it to arrive. You can find links to all the featured music below. Now please do go and show your support for the artists – Buy some downloads if you can afford it, or stream some tunes if you can’t. Cheers, Kev.

BLOOMS TAXONOMY – https://bloomstaxonomy.bandcamp.com/
MANU ROIG – https://manuroig.bandcamp.com/music
HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL – https://howtousethismanual.bandcamp.com/
JONATHAN R CROSS – https://pianotpot.bandcamp.com/
HARDWIRED – https://hardwired2001.bandcamp.com/
LONERIST – https://lonerist.bandcamp.com/
SOYLENT CHIBA – https://soylentchiba.bandcamp.com/
VIA FANTASTICA – https://viafantastica.bandcamp.com/
MILES MATRIX – https://milesmatrix.bandcamp.com/album/la-boum
MIKE BENTLEY – https://mikebentley.bandcamp.com/
MUNATIX – https://munatix.bandcamp.com/
BUNKR – https://bunkr-music.bandcamp.com/
ASYNCDRONE – https://notype.bandcamp.com/album/maybe-future
BIT CLOUDY – https://bitcloudy.bandcamp.com/
SSICK – https://soundcloud.com/ssick
PROJECT CONCUBINE – https://projectconcubine.bandcamp.com/
AMONGST THE PIGEONS – https://amongstthepigeons.bandcamp.com/
HELEFONIX – https://helefonix.bandcamp.com/
ROB V / MISTRUST – https://mistrust.bandcamp.com/
AI ACCIDENT – https://open.spotify.com/album/1Af0l9QgKW8Ai5cIWLD9uk?si=c8_AIjpmTYePdqnafFwBtQ


🎃👻 Celebrating the dark side of indie Electronica once again for Halloween. Massive thanks to Martin Belam (m-orchestra) for a fantastic suitably spooky Homebrew Session , and to everyone that contributed their creepy tunes. Links to all the artists below 👇 Please as always show your support by buying and streaming their music. Cheers, Kev.

SCOTT AMPLEFORD – https://scottampleford.bandcamp.com/
M-ORCHESTRA – https://m-orchestra.bandcamp.com/
KEITH MCCOY – https://keithmccoy.bandcamp.com/album/tribute-to-the-witch
GHOST DRONES – https://ghostmatter1.bandcamp.com/
CITIZEN-X – https://soundcloud.com/citizenx100
FMA + 12 GAGE – https://youtu.be/pDLW6c8r-j8
CASSETTE TAPE MINISTRY – https://americanfolk.bandcamp.com/
DEPTH BUFFER – https://depthbuffer.bandcamp.com/
AUTUMNA – https://autumna.bandcamp.com/
NIGHT PASSENGER & THE PANDA – https://youtu.be/EdStM1oE-CE
ANEXIUM – http://www.anexium.com/
OKAYDEN FT. KIFFIE – https://okayden.bandcamp.com/track/dusk-ft-kiffie
4TH EDEN – https://4th-eden.bandcamp.com/
DAMOUNTA – https://soundcloud.com/damounta
MONAURAL MACHINE – https://monauralmachine.bandcamp.com/
LOVE STAR MUSIC – https://lovestarmusic.bandcamp.com/
SPEEDBOAT ASSASSIN – https://soundcloud.com/speedboat-assassin
SCOTTISH FORCE – https://scottishforce.bandcamp.com/
GIB – https://gib1970.bandcamp.com/
SH SH ZOMBIE MAMBA – https://soundcloud.com/user-20316104-649672009
FOUND OBJECT – https://foundobject1.bandcamp.com/


Another jam packed episode full of cracking tunes. Big thanks to Modreaktor for taking us on a journey through his epic genre hopping back catalogue , and ❤️ and respect to all the artists featured tonight. Now please show your support by buying or streaming their music from the links 👇 below. Cheers, Kev.

MODREAKTOR – https://modreaktor.bandcamp.com/
THE LOST PAST SOCIETY – https://thelostpastsociety.bandcamp.com/releases
COBBLER / DANIEL KAY – https://cobbler.bandcamp.com/album/the-words-of-daniel-kay-charity-ep-to-raise-money-for-scope
DIDACTIC MK – https://open.spotify.com/track/0PM86yDI0QywZhcqaSJIma?si=QpzZRloKQDGLOVKh9jZNqg&dl_branch=1
CYNTHIA’S PERISCOPE FEAT JAMIE JAMAL – https://cynthiasperiscope.bandcamp.com/track/bombe-machine-ft-jamie-jamal
ELYIXR & NEILIO – https://open.spotify.com/track/0Su3wtlCFcVcDEmPjoSWur?si=JY64MyYpSuCjcRhSxRHo5g&dl_branch=1
EONLAKE – https://eonlake.bandcamp.com/album/sublimation-epoch
SHELTER CALM – https://sheltercalm.bandcamp.com/album/initial
SIR MUDONI – https://sirmudoni.bandcamp.com/
MIKE BENTLEY – https://mikebentley.bandcamp.com/track/never-too-late
VERNONS FUTURE – https://vernonsfuture.bandcamp.com/music
POLYHYMNS – https://polyhymns.bandcamp.com/album/let-them-be-animals-ep
HOMETIME – https://open.spotify.com/track/62gqNgqrl0ETNhrOgvzzP0?si=BrbiySrjRRqhMHgfHvbW7w&dl_branch=1
JONNY FALLOUT – https://jonnyfallout.bandcamp.com/
EXPOSED BRICK – https://exposedbrick1.bandcamp.com/
CESSATIVE STATE – https://cessativestate.bandcamp.com/album/cessative-state
MARI DANGERFIELD – https://maridangerfield.bandcamp.com/
CHOLLY – https://cholly.bandcamp.com/
DANIEL MCPHEE – https://open.spotify.com/track/42aOyQSBIl3MLbxpJq44zk?si=Wd–jdxFQxi0YDvj5mkGCQ&dl_branch=1
LEMONADE KID – https://lemonadekid.bandcamp.com/


Wow 🤩 That was an epic two and a quarter hour journey right across the Indie Electronica landscape ! Love & respect to all the artists featured , and a special thanks to Matthew & Callum aka FMA+12GAGE for a smokin’ hot live Homebrew Session. Please show your support by visiting the artist pages below and buying / streaming some tunes. Cheers . Kev

FEIZOR – https://feizor.bandcamp.com/
FMA+12 GAGE – https://fma12gage.com/
MARTIN CHRISTIE – https://martinchristie.bandcamp.com/
BROKEN ARCADE – https://open.spotify.com/artist/2pLJn17ehsoyPvqXCQ8djQ?si=u7bNwWGVQTKiB4myBdoldg&dl_branch=1
POLYHYMNS – https://polyhymns.bandcamp.com/
ZEROSET – https://zeroset.bandcamp.com/
MODREAKTOR – https://modreaktor.bandcamp.com/
NIGHTBROGUE – https://nightbrogue.bandcamp.com/
NUMBER STATIONS – https://number-stations.bandcamp.com/
SICK ROBOT – https://sickrobot1980.bandcamp.com/
VOLTAGE POETRY PROJECT – https://voltagepoetryproject.bandcamp.com/
VERY BRAVE MEN – https://soundcloud.com/very_brave_men/i-miss-your-love
PROJECT CONCUBINE – https://projectconcubine.bandcamp.com/track/fuck-daddy
SCOTTISH FORCE – https://scottishforce.bandcamp.com/music
DARWINMCD / MARK BEBB / AI ACCIDENT (REMIX) – https://open.spotify.com/track/6BGZaU2luZ9jQ9mkDWRALV?si=KJO4BJlHR3-hDcQUKj0Qvw&dl_branch=1
STU MCGOO / POLAKOV – https://stumcgoo1.bandcamp.com/album/new-tricks
APPLE MAX – https://applemax.bandcamp.com/
KEEP BACK IVY / AMONGST THE PIGEONS – https://keepbackivy.bandcamp.com/
SI FARRIER – https://sifarrier.bandcamp.com/
CONSTELLATION PRIZE – https://open.spotify.com/artist/0m7ktRbXz7M0R18LmW2aiI?si=gqCs4P4HRLCOK0nx-lnoPA&dl_branch=1
DIDACTICMK – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4tvbHiWZl2w4wMsYqinIQg?si=gjHEhR4rTY-YqzqiCUrbdg&dl_branch=1
LOVE STAR MUSIC – lovestarmusic.com
LINES OF FLIGHT – https://lines-of-flight.bandcamp.com/
MONO WORKS – https://monoworks.bandcamp.com/releases
ARVIK TORRENSSEN – https://arviktorrenssen.bandcamp.com/track/kristalliy
DEBS MCCOY / HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL – https://howtousethismanual.bandcamp.com/track/debs-mccoy-for-david-1-htutm-remix
KIFFIE – https://kiffie.bandcamp.com/album/kandy-karnival


I had an absolute blast at Martin Christie’s Electronic Music Open Mic night when his EMOM Rising tour rolled into town ! A night of fantastic & eclectic live electronic music sets, hosted by the awesome STARS, and all held together by the glue of ModReaktor’s banging beats. It was also great to finally meet some of my indie Electronica heroes in person 🤩 A special night to be treasured, and I hope the recordings I did for the podcast convey at least a little of the magic .

To discover more music by the amazing artists that performed , please see the links below. I’ll update these as I get more info. Now go show them some ❤️ and buy / stream some tunes !

MARTIN CHRISTIE – https://martinchristie.bandcamp.com/
STARS – https://instagram.com/starselectronica
BUCK THEOREM – https://bucktheorem.bandcamp.com/
DIDACTIC MK – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4tvbHiWZl2w4wMsYqinIQg?si=BTZ8NFikTJmYmhM0sreatQ&dl_branch=1
LINUS FITNESS CENTRE – https://linusfitnesscentre.bandcamp.com/
PROJECT CONCUBINE – https://projectconcubine.bandcamp.com/
NOVA HALO – https://novahalo.bandcamp.com/
M-ORCHESTRA – https://m-orchestra.bandcamp.com/
RADIO WAVES GOODBYE – https://soundcloud.com/radiowavesgoodbye
BRAZZ ANKH – https://soundcloud.com/brazzou
MARI DANGERFIELD – https://maridangerfield.bandcamp.com/
MODREAKTOR – https://modreaktor.bandcamp.com/
DPM (DIEGO) – https://soundcloud.com/diego-poupin-1/sets/when-the-angels-speak-the


A bumper 2 hour edition of the show ! Packed to the rafters with quality Electronica ! Massive thanks to all the artists featured, and to special guest Rezzonator for a superb Homebrew mix session . Now show the artists some ❤️, all the download links you need below 👇

REZZONATOR – https://rezzonator.bandcamp.com/
COBBLER & NATHALIE MIRANDA – https://open.spotify.com/track/0Dd5wDNyXDRVpfdzHEFinY?si=RmLY_yyMSqShUzSfn7iKoA&dl_branch=1
AMONGST THE PIGEONS FEAT EMMA KING – https://amongstthepigeons.bandcamp.com/album/silence-will-be-assumed-as-acceptance
GARY REES – https://triplicaterecords.bandcamp.com/album/southwest-passage
NIGHTBROGUE – https://nightbrogue.bandcamp.com/
KIFFIE & PULSE LAB – https://kiffie.bandcamp.com/track/homesick-and-spacebound-2
ANEXIUM – http://www.anexium.com
SAD MAN – https://sadmanband.bandcamp.com/
LOOPATRONICA – https://soundcloud.com/loopatronica/noodles-project-part3?in=loopatronica/sets/noodles-project/s-rtcplP68HIG
ELECTRON ODYSSEY – https://electronodyssey.bandcamp.com/
WINTER TREE INDUSTRY – https://fellowoutlaw.bandcamp.com/releases
ODDBOT – https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/9PJcj
RUPTURE//RAPTURE – https://petitevictorycollective.bandcamp.com/album/minimal-city-vol-i
WANDERINGS – https://wanderings.bandcamp.com/album/furtive-2
PIXI INC – https://pixiink.bandcamp.com/
TRUTHSCAN – https://soundcloud.com/truthscan/filterbubble-tanuki-pups-vs-truthscan-remix
LINUS FITNESS CENTRE – https://linusfitnesscentre.bandcamp.com/music
SYNTHETIC VILLAINS – https://syntheticvillains.bandcamp.com/album/obstacle-navigation
ANPL – https://anpl.bandcamp.com/
PARITY BIT – https://soundcloud.com/parity_bit/peace-makes-plenty
CYNTHIA’S PERISCOPE FEAT VOXISH – https://cynthiasperiscope.bandcamp.com/
LINES OF FLIGHT – https://lines-of-flight.bandcamp.com/
BADEYE VS NATURE OF WIRES – https://natureofwires.bandcamp.com/track/hold-me-now-nature-of-wires-remix
LEMONADE KID – https://lemonadekid.bandcamp.com/
——- –


Thanks to everyone that contributed to the show tonight , there was certainly no shortage of amazing tunes. 🤩 Special thanks to Jamie Jamal for a scorching Homebrew session 🔥 Now please, as I know you always do, go and show these artists some ❤️ by buying or streaming their music. Links below 👇 Cheers, Kev.

JAMIE JAMAL / FLUX / THIS HUMAN CONDITION – https://jamiejamal.bandcamp.com/
HARDWIRED – https://hardwired2001.bandcamp.com/album/axiom
VALENTICH – https://valentichofficial.bandcamp.com/
KIFFIE – https://kiffie.bandcamp.com/
PRIEST OF BEARDS – https://priestofbeards.bandcamp.com/music
DAVID A LARSEN – https://soundcloud.com/david_a_larsen
NEGATIVE RESPONSE – https://negativeresponse3.bandcamp.com/
DEBRIS DISCS FEATURING POLYHYMNS – https://debrisdiscs.bandcamp.com/track/caravan-feat-polyhymns
SAINT MARTYN – https://latexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/smile
MACHINA X & NATURE OF WIRES – https://natureofwires.bandcamp.com/track/within
CONCRETISM – https://concretism-cis.bandcamp.com/album/teliffusion
AUTUMNA – https://autumna.bandcamp.com/album/mmxxi
LEMONADE KID – https://lemonadekid.bandcamp.com/album/euro2020

Charity Fundraising DJ Sets.

Thanks to those that watched my Homebrew Electronica DJ sets .Sorry they either got muted or removed due to copyright issues. The 2nd set has now been reposted up on YouTube and should now be problem free after the ‘offending’ track was edited out. Cheers.

Track list –
Lemonade Kid – When Will We See The Sunshine
Linus Fitness Centre – Familiar Results
Martin Christie – Evaporation Day (Werra Foxma Remix)
Damounta – Meditative State
Rupture//Rapture – Parallels
Guerrica – Summer People
Loopingstar – Summer Kicks
Flux – Handbag Punk
Electron Odyssey – Computers Control
Teknomakrus – The Man
Lonerist – Vulpecula
Tegan Northwood – Who You Are , Who You Could Be (Werra Foxma Remix)
Depth Buffer – Turn It

Thanks , love & respect to all these amazing artists 👆

Special thanks to everyone that donated – we raised over £300 for our chosen charities !


Had a blast playing a handful of my favourite tunes from the first year and a half of hosting the show. As Facebook isn’t very musician friendly , the next DJ set will be broadcast as a YouTube premier on the Loopingstar Music channel. Thank you to everyone that donated so far – we’ve now reached our target and raised a fantastic £250 to split between the four chosen charities. Setlist below 👇