Episode Three

Thanks again for tuning in , and as always extra special thanks & love to all the great artists who provided such fantastic tunes.


Yuri Wong

Paddy Uglow – https://www.paddymusic.org.uk/Music.php

Libby Lakshmi – https://soundcloud.com/libbylaksmi

Hoss Style Music – https://soundcloud.com/hossstylemusic

Level Two Point Zero – https://level2pointzero.bandcamp.com

Blutooth Cutthroat – https://soundcloud.com/blutooth-cutthroat

ModReaktor – https://soundcloud.com/modreaktor

Jonathan Pearson – https://soundcloud.com/223714092

i o Megaji – https://iomegaji.bandcamp.com

Bangshit Soundsystem – https://soundcloud.com/bangshitsoundsystem

Damounta – https://soundcloud.com/damounta


Jamie Mallender

Nightbrogue – https://nightbrogue.bandcamp.com

Tristan Burfield – https://soundcloud.com/tristan_burfield

Sound System Music – https://www.facebook.com/Sound-System-Music-168934999790051/

Jason Duncan https://jasonduncan.bandcamp.com

Eat The Sun – https://eatthesun1.bandcamp.com

Debris Discs – https://soundcloud.com/debrisdiscs

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