I need a bit of help !

Hey fantastic Home-Brewers…. I have a bit of a favour to ask concerning the show . I’ve been struck down by some bloody ‘thing’ that has paralysed my face .I’m ok in myself , although I now look a bit like Quasimodo ! 🥴 the real issue is I can’t poxy talk properly …….not ideal when hosting a podcast ! I don’t want to give it up already as I’ve loved doing the show , so I was wondering……….
At least for the next episode I need to give my gob a rest , so as well as sending me your music links and tracks this time , is there any chance you might also be able to record a short intro introducing yourself and / or your tune , or just a little chat about anything music making related. This would really help and could potentially save the show !
If you could email any music , chat …… anything I can use for next Fridays show to homebrewelec@outlook.com it would help so much.
Cheers !

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