A massive thank you to all the artists that stepped up to help with the podcast while I wasn’t well , making it an extra special episode 💕🙏

Go and check out their fantastic music NOW !


NIGHTBROUGE – https://nightbrogue.bandcamp.com

DOHNAVUR – https://dohnavur.bandcamp.com/releases

AMONGST THE PIGEONS – https://soundcloud.com/amongst_the_pigeons



TOOM – https://soundcloud.com/tom-woolnough

TEGAN NORTHWOOD – https://soundcloud.com/tegannorthwood/

NEGATIVE RESPONSE – https://soundcloud.com/negative-response-59

MODREAKTOR – https://soundcloud.com/modreaktor

MARTIN CHRISTIE – https://soundcloud.com/martchristie

LOVE STAR MUSIC – https://soundcloud.com/love-star-music

DAMOUNTA – https://soundcloud.com/damounta

CYNTHIAS PERISCOPE – https://cynthiasperiscope.bandcamp.com/

SIR MUDONI – https://soundcloud.com/sir_mudoni

STARS MUSIC – https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCabEexVZdVzJ3Z3-g_E4s0g

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