Episode 7

Big thanks and love as always to all the artists featured in the show tonight.
Go and check out their music , and in particular please do go and download Martin Christie’s MIND fundraising ep , it’s a good one , and for a great cause.

MARTIN CHRISTIE – https://martinchristie.bandcamp.com/album/thought-blocking
DALLO – https://open.spotify.com/artist/7rdYl48k9x6Ot0GntZYoHW?si=gICPF9o3SBOf4wve0jHZNA
SIR MUDINI – https://soundcloud.com/sir_mudoni
FRUGAL – https://soundcloud.com/frugaltunes
BROKEN ORCHESTRA – http://thebrokenornhestra.bandcamp.com/
BLACK MARKS – https://open.spotify.com/artist/10ceXwDg0mc5Fg5FKkiAUz?si=J7Tl05e9ThK4qHemys68ng
BLUTOOTH CUT-THROAT – https://soundcloud.com/blutooth-cutthroat
POINTS OF CONVERGENCE – https://pointsofconvergence.bandcamp.com/
SABREHEART – http://www.sabrehart.com/
LOOPINGSTAR – https://loopingstar.bandcamp.com/
PANTS OF DEATH – https://pantsofdeath.bandcamp.com

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