Introducing the Homebrew Sessions

Homebrew Update & Introducing Sessions

Hi Homebrew Crew,

Hope you’re all well.

As the Homebrew Electronica Show turns 6 months old I just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone that has sent me music directly, or agreed to me playing their tunes on the podcast.
I’ve absolutely loved having the chance to share such an eclectic mix of Electronica over these 6 months , and long may that continue !

I’ve always said that this is ‘our’ podcast , it’s not mine . Without your brilliant contributions it simply wouldn’t exist, and I’ve been trying to think of ways to get folk even more involved. So today I’m excited to announce a new feature for the show , the ‘Homebrew’ sessions .
For each episode going forward, I’ll be inviting an artist to submit 2 pieces of exclusive unheard music for the show. These can be brand new tracks , reworked or remixed versions of older tunes , or maybe even a random jam or cover song. Along with this exclusive music , I’ll also have an informal interview/chat with each artist via phone / Skype and play this on the show too.

If you’re an artist and would be interested in taking part in a Homebrew Session – recording a couple of songs and being interviewed over the phone – then please get in touch

Currently the show is still getting around 100 listeners per episode. This is great , but I’d like to get this to 150-200 if possible , so I’m going get my ass into gear and try and promote it a bit more ! You’re making such great music , it really does deserve to be heard by as many people as possible.
I know the EMOM and Korg Gadget Facebook communities in particular have been great in getting behind the podcast and helping to spread the word , so big thanks for that , but if you could continue to mention the show in your social media posts , and maybe even leave a review on Apple Podcasts, that would be awesome.

As usual , if you have a tune you’d like me to play on the show , then get in touch at the email address above. The next episode , and the first Homebrew Session will be on 10th July . Can’t wait 😁

Stay safe.

Turn it up loud , and rip off the knob !


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