Wow what a brilliant episode. Chock full of top tier Electronica, plus the first ever Homebrew Session, with special guests Dohnavur bringing some exclusives along to the party ! Please support all the artists featured by buying / downloading / streaming their music 👇😁👍

Debris Discs – https://soundcloud.com/debrisdiscs
Cobbler – https://cobbler.bandcamp.com/releases
BOZJAM – https://www.omnidog.org/bozjam
Jamie Jamal – https://jamiejamal.bandcamp.com/releases
Ghost Drones – https://ghostmatter1.bandcamp.com/
Krapka ; Koma + Pixi Ink – https://soundcloud.com/krapkakomamusic/krapkakoma-pixi-ink-sugar-moon
Nightbrogue – https://nightbrogue.bandcamp.com/
Horizon Controller – https://horizoncontroller.bandcamp.com/album/bomber-module
Iblit – https://open.spotify.com/track/4SmRywfTXkWb5psKg4eydg?si=gzcJ64nlQ3OthoZo5cQ5cA
FMA + 12 GAGE – https://fma12gage.bandcamp.com/
Dohnavùr – https://dohnavur.bandcamp.com/

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