Definitely not an unlucky one 😁 Another jam packed episode , with special thanks to Frugal for the chat and exclusive tunes ! Now go and show your support for the artists that make the podcast possible by buying and streaming their music. All the links you need below 👇

NIGHT PASSENGER ft Graham Fialkiewicz – https://soundcloud.com/hellrocky
FRUGAL- http://www.frugaltunes.com
FOUND OBJECT – https://soundcloud.com/user-845289801
INFINTIUM – https://infintium.bandcamp.com/
MODREAKTOR – https://soundcloud.com/modreaktor
HARDWIRED – https://hardwired2001.bandcamp.com/
GAGARIN – https://gagarin.bandcamp.com/music
IBLIT – https://open.spotify.com/artist/3ZFzDESn2ZvhEPO9NKdHuc?si=eFQ1XiuDSW-xP8YhQP-ZZA
SIR MUDONI – https://sirmudoni.bandcamp.com/
NAMKE COMMUNICATIONS – https://namcom.bandcamp.com/
SONIC INDUCER – https://soundcloud.com/sonicinducer
CYNTHIA’S PERISCOPE- https://cynthiasperiscope.bandcamp.com/
COSMOMOOSE – https://cosmomoose.bandcamp.com/
TIN B & GRAHAM FIALKIEWICZ – https://soundcloud.com/tinbmusic
SKETCHES STONE – https://sketchesstone.bandcamp.com/

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