Massive thanks to Linus Fitness Centre & Snork Maiden for bringing some fantastic exclusive new music onto the show , and to all the other artists for giving me such thumping great tunes to play 😁🎵🎶👍 . Now go buy & stream their tunes NOW ! Links below 👇

LINUS FITNESS CENTRE – https://linusfitnesscentre.bandcamp.com/
SNORK MAIDEN – https://snorkmaiden.bandcamp.com/
NUMBERS STATIONS – https://number-stations.bandcamp.com/
FMA + 12 GAGE – https://fma12gage.bandcamp.com/
DARWIN MCD & MARK BEBB – https://darwinmcd.bandcamp.com/
PRIMITIVE SYSTEM – https://primitivesystem.bandcamp.com/
PRESTON OUTATIME – https://prestonoutatime.bandcamp.com/
CYNTHIA’S PERISCOPE – https://cynthiasperiscope.bandcamp.com/
THE STIR FRY POP STAR – http://www.thestirfrypopstar.com
SIR MUDONI – https://sirmudoni.bandcamp.com/
AL ACCIDENT – https://pixboproductions.com/ai-accident/
BLOOM’S TAXONOMY – https://bloomstaxonomy.bandcamp.com/

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