Another great selection of music freshly picked from the very top of the tree ! ūüėĀ Thanks to Voltage Poetry Project for bringing along some great new tunes, and to all the artists featured for allowing me to share their work . Please support this great indie Electronica by buying tracks or streaming from the links below.

VOLTAGE POETRY PROJECT – https://soundcloud.com/through-the-square-window
VERY BRAVE MEN – https://soundcloud.com/very_brave_men
FAEX OPTIM – https://werrafoxmarecords.bandcamp.com/album/strange-selectors
HEARTWOOD INSTITUTE – https://theheartwoodinstitute.bandcamp.com/
NIGHT PASSENGER – https://music.apple.com/gb/artist/helder-rock/429753170
LEMONADE KID & FORGOTTEN BEE – https://lemonadekid.bandcamp.com/album/lemonade-kids-summer-special
THE SUBTHEORY – https://thesubtheory.bandcamp.com/album/ventura-blvd
DAVID A LARSEN – https://soundcloud.com/david_a_larsen
SANGUELIA – https://sanguelia.bandcamp.com/
THE GREY DISORDER – https://thegreydisorder.bandcamp.com/
M ORCHESTRA – https://open.spotify.com/album/7Jdu2ZTH4niJBsE850ae60?si=zW2wCkwWTyabx7zPURf3hw
LUKE WRIGHT & COBBLER – https://lukewrightandcobbler.bandcamp.com/
ONE LITTLE ATLAS – https://www.facebook.com/onelittleatlas https://onelittleatlas.bandcamp.com/
FAMISHED FOR BLONDS – https://famishedforblonds.bandcamp.com/
DOCTOR STEEVO – https://open.spotify.com/album/0nDwQxAIvRT4LIqjYKPMgW?si=bqwD0FHmRiGy2AqfpAUjzw

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