Thanks to everyone that contributed to the show tonight , there was certainly no shortage of amazing tunes. 🤩 Special thanks to Jamie Jamal for a scorching Homebrew session 🔥 Now please, as I know you always do, go and show these artists some ❤️ by buying or streaming their music. Links below 👇 Cheers, Kev.

JAMIE JAMAL / FLUX / THIS HUMAN CONDITION – https://jamiejamal.bandcamp.com/
HARDWIRED – https://hardwired2001.bandcamp.com/album/axiom
VALENTICH – https://valentichofficial.bandcamp.com/
KIFFIE – https://kiffie.bandcamp.com/
PRIEST OF BEARDS – https://priestofbeards.bandcamp.com/music
DAVID A LARSEN – https://soundcloud.com/david_a_larsen
NEGATIVE RESPONSE – https://negativeresponse3.bandcamp.com/
DEBRIS DISCS FEATURING POLYHYMNS – https://debrisdiscs.bandcamp.com/track/caravan-feat-polyhymns
SAINT MARTYN – https://latexrecords.bandcamp.com/album/smile
MACHINA X & NATURE OF WIRES – https://natureofwires.bandcamp.com/track/within
CONCRETISM – https://concretism-cis.bandcamp.com/album/teliffusion
AUTUMNA – https://autumna.bandcamp.com/album/mmxxi
LEMONADE KID – https://lemonadekid.bandcamp.com/album/euro2020

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