I had an absolute blast at Martin Christie’s Electronic Music Open Mic night when his EMOM Rising tour rolled into town ! A night of fantastic & eclectic live electronic music sets, hosted by the awesome STARS, and all held together by the glue of ModReaktor’s banging beats. It was also great to finally meet some of my indie Electronica heroes in person 🤩 A special night to be treasured, and I hope the recordings I did for the podcast convey at least a little of the magic .

To discover more music by the amazing artists that performed , please see the links below. I’ll update these as I get more info. Now go show them some ❤️ and buy / stream some tunes !

MARTIN CHRISTIE – https://martinchristie.bandcamp.com/
STARS – https://instagram.com/starselectronica
BUCK THEOREM – https://bucktheorem.bandcamp.com/
DIDACTIC MK – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4tvbHiWZl2w4wMsYqinIQg?si=BTZ8NFikTJmYmhM0sreatQ&dl_branch=1
LINUS FITNESS CENTRE – https://linusfitnesscentre.bandcamp.com/
PROJECT CONCUBINE – https://projectconcubine.bandcamp.com/
NOVA HALO – https://novahalo.bandcamp.com/
M-ORCHESTRA – https://m-orchestra.bandcamp.com/
RADIO WAVES GOODBYE – https://soundcloud.com/radiowavesgoodbye
BRAZZ ANKH – https://soundcloud.com/brazzou
MARI DANGERFIELD – https://maridangerfield.bandcamp.com/
MODREAKTOR – https://modreaktor.bandcamp.com/
DPM (DIEGO) – https://soundcloud.com/diego-poupin-1/sets/when-the-angels-speak-the

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