Wow 🤩 That was an epic two and a quarter hour journey right across the Indie Electronica landscape ! Love & respect to all the artists featured , and a special thanks to Matthew & Callum aka FMA+12GAGE for a smokin’ hot live Homebrew Session. Please show your support by visiting the artist pages below and buying / streaming some tunes. Cheers . Kev

FEIZOR – https://feizor.bandcamp.com/
FMA+12 GAGE – https://fma12gage.com/
MARTIN CHRISTIE – https://martinchristie.bandcamp.com/
BROKEN ARCADE – https://open.spotify.com/artist/2pLJn17ehsoyPvqXCQ8djQ?si=u7bNwWGVQTKiB4myBdoldg&dl_branch=1
POLYHYMNS – https://polyhymns.bandcamp.com/
ZEROSET – https://zeroset.bandcamp.com/
MODREAKTOR – https://modreaktor.bandcamp.com/
NIGHTBROGUE – https://nightbrogue.bandcamp.com/
NUMBER STATIONS – https://number-stations.bandcamp.com/
SICK ROBOT – https://sickrobot1980.bandcamp.com/
VOLTAGE POETRY PROJECT – https://voltagepoetryproject.bandcamp.com/
VERY BRAVE MEN – https://soundcloud.com/very_brave_men/i-miss-your-love
PROJECT CONCUBINE – https://projectconcubine.bandcamp.com/track/fuck-daddy
SCOTTISH FORCE – https://scottishforce.bandcamp.com/music
DARWINMCD / MARK BEBB / AI ACCIDENT (REMIX) – https://open.spotify.com/track/6BGZaU2luZ9jQ9mkDWRALV?si=KJO4BJlHR3-hDcQUKj0Qvw&dl_branch=1
STU MCGOO / POLAKOV – https://stumcgoo1.bandcamp.com/album/new-tricks
APPLE MAX – https://applemax.bandcamp.com/
KEEP BACK IVY / AMONGST THE PIGEONS – https://keepbackivy.bandcamp.com/
SI FARRIER – https://sifarrier.bandcamp.com/
CONSTELLATION PRIZE – https://open.spotify.com/artist/0m7ktRbXz7M0R18LmW2aiI?si=gqCs4P4HRLCOK0nx-lnoPA&dl_branch=1
DIDACTICMK – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4tvbHiWZl2w4wMsYqinIQg?si=gjHEhR4rTY-YqzqiCUrbdg&dl_branch=1
LOVE STAR MUSIC – lovestarmusic.com
LINES OF FLIGHT – https://lines-of-flight.bandcamp.com/
MONO WORKS – https://monoworks.bandcamp.com/releases
ARVIK TORRENSSEN – https://arviktorrenssen.bandcamp.com/track/kristalliy
DEBS MCCOY / HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL – https://howtousethismanual.bandcamp.com/track/debs-mccoy-for-david-1-htutm-remix
KIFFIE – https://kiffie.bandcamp.com/album/kandy-karnival

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