Wow ! Another fine indie Electronica fiesta 😁 Big thanks and love to all the amazing artists for letting me share their tunes. Special thanks to Autumna for putting together a great ambient session, to Harry for giving us an exclusive play of the new Joyful Sadness single and to Martin for continuing to share those fantastic live recordings from the emom archives. Now please scroll down , show your support and ❤️ by buying some downloads and streaming some tunes. 👇 👇 Cheers, Kev.

AUTUMNA – https://autumna.bandcamp.com/
MADIGGAN PROJECTS – https://soundcloud.com/maddiganprojects
REV POET – https://soundcloud.com/rev_poet
THE JOYFUL SADNESS – https://open.spotify.com/artist/0JEcMz9bCGqR4ZIMxmtlhh?si=kFztHtXhS5GmdcVb2Du0hQ
DOHNAVÙR – https://dohnavur-cis.bandcamp.com/
POLYPORES – https://polypores.bandcamp.com/
TWICE DIVINE – https://twicedivine.bandcamp.com/
MIKE BENTLEY – https://mikebentley.bandcamp.com/
DAMOUNTA – https://soundcloud.com/damounta
A H DUNCAN / AMONGST THE PIGEONS – https://alexhduncan.bandcamp.com/track/sherman-oak-amongst-the-pigeons-remix
POCKET LINT – https://pocketlint17.bandcamp.com/
BURIED MOON – https://buriedmoon.bandcamp.com/
NOVA HALO – https://novahalo.bandcamp.com/
BRAEDEN MILLS – https://braedenmills.bandcamp.com/
MACHINA X & NATURE OF WIRES – https://machina-x.bandcamp.com/
OPER-8 – https://oper-8.bandcamp.com/
4th EDEN – https://4th-eden.bandcamp.com/
LEE HARVEY – https://leeharveyakatrueperone.bandcamp.com/track/bionic
ROOM ZERO – https://soundcloud.com/roomzeromusic
UMBROMANII – https://quoxrecords.bandcamp.com/album/from-sweden-to-wales
PULSES – https://pulses1.bandcamp.com/
THE SUBTHEORY – https://thesubtheory.bandcamp.com/
THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THE COUNTRY – https://open.spotify.com/artist/0jSjqKnejtw7NlPjqNq7F5?si=VTKTzmA-SP-PQY3H2cY9PA
DARWIN MCD + MARK BEBB – https://darwinmcd.bandcamp.com/

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