#44 was , initially at least, a bit of a difficult episode to put together , in large due to the awful events unfolding in Europe – I’d imagined that an electronic music podcast would be the last thing people wanted to hear …….but then the more I thought about it , perhaps this was exactly what people might need. Thanks to both Martins (the Christie and Apple Max variety) , to Carter Takes A Train and to all the amazing artists that were featured. Extra Respect & ❤️ to all the Ukrainian artists that were played tonight. The amazing people of your country are constantly in our thoughts. Now go and buy some downloads and stream some tunes …….especially from our friends in 🇺🇦 💛 💙

APPLE MAX – https://applemax.bandcamp.com/
CARTER TAKES A TRAIN – https://cartertakesatrain.bandcamp.com/releases
FELIX TIGERSONIC https://www.tigersonic.space/
ELECTRET https://quentinleonetti.bandcamp.com/
GHOST DRONES – https://ghostmatter1.bandcamp.com/
ZELT – https://stridenteinc.bandcamp.com/album/one-version-of-the-truth
RUBBER STAMP & ANALOGUE ELECTRIC WHATEVER – https://open.spotify.com/track/2hZn9pasFH64NleDEaVg7q?si=Fx_T1ALFR4C9FPjBe8Y0Xw
MAXX SILVER FEAT PULSE LAB – https://soundcloud.com/maxx-silver/electronica-featuring-pulse-lab
PRIEST OF BEARDS – https://priestofbeards.bandcamp.com/
OUTSIDE BROADCAST & EVGUENIA RATSOUK – https://outsidebroadcast.bandcamp.com/track/faith-featuring-evguenia-ratsouk
HAWKSMOOR – https://libraryoftheoccult.bandcamp.com/album/saturnalia
PICNIC AT POMPEII – https://picnicatpompeii.bandcamp.com/
TEMPORAL FIX – https://temporalfix.bandcamp.com/
UMBROMANII- https://umbromaniii.bandcamp.com/releases
LOOPINGSTAR – https://loopingstar.bandcamp.com/
🇺🇦 KRAPKA KOMA & ELDA – https://krapkakomamusic.bandcamp.com/track/in-my-room-single
🇺🇦 TYUPA – https://open.spotify.com/track/5XOal7QE4evMwMo7Mxx4tu?si=ZGO09dl4RD6Nz7eTko23sg
🇺🇦 YUKO – https://open.spotify.com/track/19U6hsEZzmiup2irBjoq7e?si=dGJp-5aoS_iFteDfiKZ9Rg
🇺🇦 SOPIK – https://sopik.bandcamp.com/track/hear-her-original-mix
🇺🇦 DISER TAPE – https://disertape.bandcamp.com/

—————————- —-

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